Jambinai (South Korea): Winner best crossover act of the Korean Music Awards 2013. Jambinai creates a new form of music that mixes heavy post-rock and avant-garde, played on Korean traditional instruments like the haegeum, the piri and the geomungo, and electric guitars and electronics. They’ve started their first world tour this year.




Winner ‘21st Century Korean Music Project’ (Experimental Spirit Prize) hosted by The Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Their ambitious aim is to start a new era of Korean traditional music that sheds light on contemporary spirit by addressing in musical sense sentiments and lessons learned from living a modern life.




Ambient, layered synth sounds are interlaced with raw vocals and punk-rock energy. Smacksoft is among the first wave of independent artists and musicians that reach beyond borders of nationality while still being influenced by their Korean roots. They captivate their audience with a dynamic presence and willingness to take creative risks.


My Skin Against Your Skin


My Skin Against Your Skin(a.k.a MSAYS)are an Taiwanese rock band formed in 2010, consisting of Andrea Huang (vocals) and Si-Lu Yu (bass). Their music described as dance-infused rock.

Their self-titled EP released on 17 March 2012, had won “Best Band”, “Best Rock Song” and “Best Bass Player” at the Golden Indie Music Award, which is the biggest indie music award in Taiwan.