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숨[suːm] was formed in 2007, by a couple of Korean traditional musicians. For more clarity and better interpretation of its music, the two musicians, Jiha Park(Piri-Bamboo Oboe, Saenghwang-Mouth Organ, Yanggeum-Dulcimer ) and Jungmin Seo (25 string Gayageum-Zither, Steel string Gayageum), compose and perform their own musical pieces. Their ambitious aim is to start a new era of Korean traditional music that sheds light on contemporary spirit by addressing in musical sense sentiments and lessons earned from living a modern life.sum_lineup


After winning a special rookie of the year award from broadcaster EBS in 2011, Jambinai has performed at a wide variety of venues, from Doosan Art Center to Pentaport Rock Festival. The band creates a new form of music that mixes heavy post-rock and avant-garde, played on Korean traditional instruments like the haegeum, the piri and the geomungo, and electric guitars and electronics. Their intense, explosive performances have won them devoted fans on Hongdae’s indie scene.

2013 is a good year for the band, with 2 nominations and winning the best crossover award during the Korean music awards and their first concert outside Korea in Helsinki Finland, soon to be followed by performances at Womex Cardiff and Oslo WMF. 2014 will see the first international CD release for them together with a extensive tour along most major festivals in Europe, Asia and the US. We are curious what kind of experiences they will bring us in Amsterdam!